Who are we?

Jade Dragon Studios is a boutique game design, events marketing & production, and coaching business. Our first published game, DragonStone Mine! is available now, in stores and online. We are now scheduling new DragonStone Mine! events for the 2019 championship season.

We are a family, who like to play games, listen to live music, and help our friends with their businesses. We designed DragonStone Mine! one rainy Seattle Saturday in October of 2012.

DragonStone Mine!

DragonStone Mine! is a 20-40 minute game for 2-4 players, ages 5+, created by our studio in 2012, and published after a successful Kickstarter with Legion Supplies.

DragonStone Mine! combines luck, puzzle-like gameplay, and light player interaction, in a game with high-quality, attractive components.

Latest Blogs

Happy Up Has DragonStone Mine!

Our pals at Happy Up in Edwardsville have recently restocked on DragonStone Mine!